2022-23 Affald

6. Årgang: Save the Planet

6.Z og 6.Y har i ugerne op til efterårsferien 2022 arbejdet tværfagligt med temaet Save the Planet i engelsk og natur og teknologi.

Projektet endte ud med at eleverne har lavet oplysningskampagner om temaet i form af plakater, spil, flyers og lignende.

I kan her se et udsnit af de ting eleverne har arbejdet med:

Save the Bees!
Hans Christian, Caroline R, Sarah og Mikkel (6.Z)

We have worked 6 weeks on this project and we have found the best solution to save the planet. So we got a lot of seeds and we separated them into bags with a little note on them where it says that we are doing this so the bees have a place to live in and to make the future generation of kids happier. and thats why we are giving away 2.2 lb to optional people who want to plant flowers. Help the new generation and save bees!

Sorting experiment:
Sean, Sergen og Marcus (6.Z)

The reasons you have to sort: It is better for the environment,
today we just mix leftover waste with food waste and when we’ve just eaten a banana or just an ice cream, most of us throw it away, but what happens to the rubbish? what happens is the mixed rubbish is burnt and it’s bad for the environment.
So for that you have to sort so that residual waste can be recycled and food waste can be turned into compost.


Energy Monopoly: Arthur, Ecrin og Magnus (6.Z)

Jonathan (6.Z)